The Star Child was performed at The Poly, Falmouth over Christmas in 2015/16. It was a collaboration with Cornish theatre maker and technical expert Ciaran Clarke and used the latest technology in projection mapping to explore a new visual language on stage. 

What makes a star? 

Made in situ at the beautiful, historical Poly Cinema and Theatre in Falmouth, this piece of theatre was an experiment and exploration of what makes a star. Rosanna and Ciaran consulted an astrophysicist about the creation of stars and then set the piece in the dazzling era of 1930's hollywood - where the promise to 'make you a star' became a phrase that shaped the world of fame we are now so obsessed with. 

"There are some truly stunning moments here – the immersive sea of twinkling stars, animated opening credits cleverly manipulated by a real-life actor and a huge talking moon" Lee Trewhela for West Briton


Photos by Dougal Waters