As far out as the tide may go, it will always return to the rocks, the shore, to you and to me. Everything returns. They never really leave us. It’s just the push and pull of the tide. That’s the rhythm of our lives”.

“A compelling and beautiful piece of theatre”

***** The Cornish Guardian

The Coastguard’s Daughter is a piece of original, lyrical theatre and storytelling, interweaved with live shanty singing and hymns of the sea.

Following its five star reviews and sellout shows, The Coastguard’s Daughter will be touring 2017. 


A true story inspired Olivia to write this play about the bravery, spirit and musical soul of a community living by the push and pull of the tide. Performed with the Shanty group The Press Gang in the very home of the story, this project culminated is three sold out performances at Petewan church in April 2016. 

An almost lost and forgotten Cornish tale. In 1915 the Head Coastguard of one maritime village and his crew, left their posts in order to enlist in the First World War. 

It was the Coastguard’s wife and two teenager daughters who volunteered and took up his mantle. Undertaking the responsibility of the perilous post and the long watch, looking out over the boats and the bay, staying strong and lighting the way. 

Poetic and playful, the unique production celebrates and laments what it is to live by the laws of the sea. The roles and rhythms of both a community at war and working to the beatand sway of the changing tides.

Working with a local community choir blends and adds their own voices to the story. Singing the song of the unsung heroes and the ballads boys and girls gone by, whilst connecting intrinsically to the people and place to which it is performed. A community workshop lead by the Director and the Writer collects and weaves community stories into the fabric of the piece. 

Photos by Dougal Waters